Our current templates and field types are pretty basic, and so we plan to add some functionality to make them a lot more flexible. This should make it really easy to create more flexible content structures, and also save some time when you have the same kinds of structure used on multiple items in your project.
The idea is to make it possible to create custom components out of a group of fields (or even a single field), and then have these accessible in a component library so they can be quickly added to items on the fly. This means you could have a component that's used inside templates and custom structures, and which can be easily updated from a single place. Which should save a bunch of time!
We're also keen to make it possible to say that a component should be repeatable on an item. This should be useful for things like galleries, or lists of things, where you're not sure how many you need from the outset.
Finally, we're also keen to review our field types themselves, and look into more specific field types to support more structured content. Also just improving the validation on fields, so you could say a field is required, or has to include a certain format of content.
This is in the very early stages of planning, so please let us know your thoughts.